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Re: Episode of the Week: 4x06 "Legacy"

For me it's a meh episode. One I can watch but it's nothing fantastic. The oddest thing for me is how quickly and easily the crew seem to latch on to Ishara, accept her and do things for her given what they know about her planet. I mean, I know our crew is supposed to be friendly, open, and accepting but this seems to be a bit much.

On the front of the state of the planet, Picard tells the planet leader in "First Contact" that the Federation offers as much, or as little, help as is wanted. It's possible this planet has said they want no Federation help and, well, is failing at being independent and the Federation is just good on their word. It's also possible that while in "Federation Space" the planet has denounced it's Federation Citizenship so it's not a "Federation Planet" and not open to aid.

It's a F'd up situation but it seems like they've made their bed and are content to lie in it and the Federation is good on their "word" to let planets operate independently if they want to, no matter how shitty they're behaving.
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