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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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I suppose PCs do owe a bit of a debt to consoles. I find a lot of games are very enjoyable on the PC with an Xbox 360 controller. A game like Dark Souls isn't really playable any other way (although that's less a limitation of the mouse/keyboard combo and more an indictment of DS' absolutely awful implementation.)

Both sides of the hardware spectrum (now that there are only two, with Arcades having gone the way of the dodo) owe each other all kinds of debts, having influenced each other for decades.

As a serious gamer, limiting yourself to one platform for what are basically crazy ideological reasons (I'm not talking about financial/budgetary concerns, that's completely different) is FUCKING STUPID.

I should clarify that when I say "serious" gamer, I'm not talking play-for-money, e-sports style serious. What I mean is "dedicated". With a certain love for the medium.
I tend to shy away from consoles, not for lack of money, but because I'd just rather spend my money elsewhere. I don't have an HD TV in my living room. The kids use the TV in there for playing the Wii. My big TV is in my bedroom, where it's hooked up to my PC. While I could get an Xbox or PlayStation, my room is cluttered enough, I don't want to pay console game prices, and virtually all the good games end up on PC eventually. So, my preference is just to invest that money in my desktop and buy more games.

I don't hate consoles or anything, they're just devices that fill a niche in my life that I've already got covered. My desktop is for gaming, productivity, and media--it does all of them just fine.
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