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Re: How do you escape an alternate timeline?

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Assuming he has a time machine, he could go back to the point where the Narada emerges in the past and destroy it before it does anything, then go back to the future. It wouldn't be his timeline exactly, but it'd be close enough.
Humm. What you're suggestion seems to be a bit similar to the 'Back to the Future II' method but that was dealing with one timeline that was altered.

The timeline splits at the point that Nero arrives and destroys the Kelvin or even before that when the Kelvin scans her.

So that alternate timeline no. 1 was created then and branched off so to speak.

But could Spock go back to before Nero arrived and then travel to the future of the prime timeline before it was changed or would he just be jumping into alternate timeline no. 1 again? If so then the arrival of Nero must mean that the alternate timeline is not just from a split point but effects everything in past, present and future.
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