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Re: How do you escape an alternate timeline?

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bbjeg wrote:
The fact he didn't cease to exist after Vulcan's destruction makes me believe he's not connected to his timeline anyway.
I don't get this. Why should he have ceased to exist after Vulcan's destruction?
It was possible for Spock to restore the Timeline when he appeared (though unlikely) but after Vulcan's destruction, Prime Spock and all of his exploits, like creating the red matter ship on Vulcan, would have never happened. How can you make a ship on a planet, go back in time, destroy that planet, and still have that ship made on that planet.

It's not like if you cut NuSpock, Prime Spock would have a scar, and it's not like Prime Spock saw the destruction of Vulcan, blinked his eyes, and said "I totally remember making the red matter ship on New Vulcan". I believe Prime Spock's timeline must exist in order for him to alter NuTrek's timeline.

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