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Re: The X-Files - First Time Watching

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Colony/End Game

The last few episodes have dealt with witchcraft, voodoo, and some other strange stuff that has left me feeling like X-Files was taking a direction to the weird and somewhat creepy. I'm glad I finally got to these episodes, which reminded me there is a bigger picture out there and it was about time they moved forward with the mythological arc.

This episode deals with bringing back Mulder's Sister, in a surprise twist, and also introducing the Bounty Hunter, who I can't wait to see again. That guy was cool, in a T-1000 kind of way (Hey, we have a thread here about liking or disliking Terminator II) and that's who I was thinking about watching this guy. He wasn't creepy like Pfaster or Ms. Paddock, but he is a Villain that the X-Files kind of needs. Everything so far has been about the Government and denying and yeah we have Cancer Man and Krycek, but I've got a feeling the Bounty Hunter only has one agenda.

Also liked that these episodes reminded us of Mulder's Sister and we got to see her. Now the next step is where did she go, and what about all the other clones. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, and it adds quite a bit to the Conspiracy arc from earlier in the season. Also loved the ending scene with Scully sitting at Mulder's Bedside. I've missed those quiet moments (Like from the premiere episode) and it was nice to finally get one here.
Interesting bit of trivia, The actor who played the Bounty Hunter, Brian Thompson, was in the original Terminator movie (although he didn't make it past the Terminator's first appearance in 1984). Of course for a more blatant T2 link, wait till Season 8
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