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Re: Terminator 2: Does anyone hate this film?

It was very much Schwarzenegger-ized and self referential. The sunglasses, the Bad to the Bone song, the Harley. And by the time he said "Trust me!" with that smile, the character turned from Terminator into Arnold having fun blowing shit up.

And yeah, the kid is kinda annoying. But Linda Hamilton as kind of the human Terminator in this film was awesome. I can see where they were coming from. Sarah Connor basically turned into a soulless killer in the middle of the film, and the TERMINATOR had to remind her of what humanity is all about by the end. That is a great story.

James Cameron should have done a Future War Terminator film, showing us the final battle against Skynet in the future, ending a trilogy.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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