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Re: Bill Nye to debate Creationist tonight at 7 - 2.4 on CNN

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That's only a problem for Fundamentalist literalism not theology.
Ham is a literalist.
Attacking the theology isn't necessary, that's playing on their turf. Attacking what their trying to do which is playing in the playground of science is much easier. Creationism, any religion really, doesn't hold up when trying to explain how the universe works. There's simply more to the whole shebang than the writers of religion can come up with, especially so if your trying literalism. Religion and philosophy are fine in their place-talking about the whys and purposes to life. Those questions are irrelevant to science and they make bad science when trying to apply science to answering them as it plays into the obscurantism of folks like Ham who want folks to think the sciences and creationism are simply different theories to explain the cosmos.
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