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The USS Nautilus needs a few good officers

The Dominion War is a thing of the past, nine years have passed since the bloodiest conflict in recent memory and the Federation stands on the precipice of uncertanty. The Klingon, Cardassian and Romulan Empires are in ruins, and Dominion, an entity that has existed for thousands of years, is crumbling. Peace is finally a possibility, with the Federation the dominant power in the known galaxy. That doesn't mean that there is no danger however. This is space after all and space is a dangerous place.

For the first time since First Contact with the Dominion, the Federation once more has a presence in the Gamma Quadrant, though not entirely diplomatic. The Federation turns to Peace Enforcement, to ensure that the Dominion adheres to the terms of the surrender, while also exploring a region of space otherwise unknown to them.

The USS Nautilus is at the forefront of this new mission. One part Warship, one part Peacemaker. There is no illusions, the Nautilus is a ship of war, like many of her namesakes. But this new Nautilus travels the stars, protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and to push back the boundaries of the frontier.

After denying the terrorist entity known as the Dominion Remnant access to stolen Thalaron Weaponry, the Nautilus is tasked with finding out just how Top Secret Romulan technology managed to get into the Gamma Quadrant while investigating the recent string of attacks against Federation shipping.

The Nautilus is looking for several department heads and secondary staff, and if we don't have a position you want, we can make it.
In particular, we are looking for Engineering, Operations Department heads and members of the Diplomatic Corps.

The Nautilus accepts created races, as well as any Alpha/Beta Quadrant race that Starfleet is on friendly terms with, Klingon, Romulan, (even Cardassians)
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