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Re: How do you escape an alternate timeline?

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Old Spock already did move between time lines in Star trek Eleven. Nero moved backward through the prime time line, emerged in the prime time line, made changes that producing an alternate time line.
Nero's mere presence in 2233 is already a change, so it's already an alternate timeline just by virtue of his being there.

T'Girl wrote:
How did he get from the prime into the alternate?
Presumably this is because they went into the same black hole, which had already established a connection to the alternate by that point.

JirinPanthosa wrote:
Honestly the whole alternate timeline thing was just a contrived way not to piss off fans by claiming to wipe out all the events of the show they know and love.
And people say this all the time, yet it's still nothing more than unsubstantiated speculation.

bbjeg wrote:
The fact he didn't cease to exist after Vulcan's destruction makes me believe he's not connected to his timeline anyway.
I don't get this. Why should he have ceased to exist after Vulcan's destruction?
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