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Re: Bill Nye to debate Creationist tonight at 7 - 2.4 on CNN

Well, I think the polytheist angle would leave the creationist having to make a completely different argument as to why monotheism is true and polytheism is not, completely changing their game because you can't even pretend to make that argument scientifically, so they'd be left spouting some stuff about Jesus or the Ten Commandments. I'm not sure the tactic would work, but it might be worth trying in some lesser forum.

The idea stems from a thought I had upon reading the Popul Vu, the Mayan creation story, which was actually much more scientifically accurate than Genesis, holding that the universe is made of a four-fold symmetry (built with strings), and that different physical forces were the result of different gods, and that mankind's direct ancestors are monkeys. It also better handles things like disease and horrible death, which some gods find very amusing, and it is scientifically testable because it holds that we each have a spirit animal living inside a known mountain in Mexico, which could be explored by mining or drilling if you don't get sued by a bunch of lawyers whose spirit animals are worms, spiders, and cockroaches that might be killed during the process.
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