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Re: Bill Nye to debate Creationist tonight at 7 - 2.4 on CNN

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But do note that Ham is a good speaker (and with a nice sounding accent).
Ham was terrible. All he did was spew out a bunch of nonsense while quoting the Bible. Nye was consistent and on point.

When they introduce a place for supernatural forces, they're opening a can of worms that is not at all limited to the Biblical accounts, and I don't think they realize that.
Yeah Nye didn't address this well. What he should have said if the supernatural exists, why is your creation myth any more valid than the Native American, Hindu or African creation myths. Last time I looked there was no evidence of Noah outside of the Bible.
The risk there, though, is that when you go off message, you might dilute your point in the process. If Bill would have followed that line of questioning, he would have had to explain various religions to make his point, and when that happens, you start confusing the audience you're trying to reach. I think his best bet was to stay where he did. Sure, he didn't hit on various other religions, but his time was short, and he had to get that point driven home.
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