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Re: Bill Nye to debate Creationist tonight at 7 - 2.4 on CNN

Nye: "I am joyful about discovery. The beliefs of creationists are unsettling to me. We need engineers for the future for the U.S. to remain economically strong in the future. Mr. Ham, please give us any example of how creation 'science' predicts anything."

Ham: "I believe every word in the Bible and I believe that there is nothing exists that could ever change my mind on this. The Bible DOES predict that -after the Tower of Babel- there would be all these people on Earth that speak different languages... and guess what? There ARE all these people on Earth that speak different languages! Predicted outcome = confirmed!!"

This seemed to be mainly (in my mind) how the debate went. I don't know what I was hoping for, exactly, but I doubt anyone who was in either 'camp' changed their mind about the issue. I don't feel that Bill Nye did as well in being as sharply convincing with his arguments as I had hoped, but Ham was essentially repeating that "Obviously, God did it."

Maybe God did get things started. I, personally, can not argue against someone holding that belief. What I do have an issue with is something like the issue of the fossil record and the flood and the Grand Canyon. How can creationists continue to use this as evidence of the Great Flood? I found Trilobite fossils in the creek behind my house. Also straight-shelled nautiloids. No boney fish fossils. No dolphin fossils. No pelican or other bird fossils. And if you go to places where there are fossils of 'more advanced' life forms, there are no trilobites or Ordovician cephalopods. So no pterodactyl or condor or puma ever fell into a shallow sea or onto a beach to lay alongside the bodies of dead 'early' marine organisms and no trilobite succumbing to the Great Flood was apparently ever able to swim up into the rising flood waters to end up fossilized alongside a bass or a drowning deer or donkey or dog or seagull or human? Unless God actually 'directed' where each and every organism was to die at what 'depth/altitude', creating this specific 'ascending' order of fossilized organisms. And why would a creator do this? Just to fool the race on humans that he had created.... the ones who He had instructed to never lie to one another?

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