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Re: TOS Caption Contest #281: Who Captions for Adonais?

MCCOY: Wow. That's amazing!
KIRK: I know. The Roman Gods can as many mistresses as they want and turn them into cows when they start to get naggy!
MCCOY: I mean, how big he is.
KIRK: Umm, yeah, that's what I meant too.

MCCOY: He's dead Jim! How can you not be concerned?
KIRK: Cause he'll be alive again by the end of the week. He's Scotty!
MCCOY: Point.

SPOCK: Now that you've been transferred to security, your life insurance premiums are going to go up. We will adjust your pay accordingly.

KIRK: Why couldn't it have been Dionysus? Then it would have been the best week ever.

OHURA: The things I'll do for screen time.
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