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Re: Special projects

One could employ Memory Alpha in conjunction with some of the older materials, though. The FASA module Old Soldiers Never Die, which is one half of their Romulan War supplement, is based on a special project known as the juggernaut. FASA assumed, in no small part by FJ's work on the Technical Manual, that that war was fought shortly after the UFP was founded and was not primarily an Earth-Romulan conflict as later sources would establish. The Romulans developed the juggernaut class battleship as a new heavy weapon platform, but a Starfleet strike force captured the only existing hull shortly before the war ended with no systems or hardware installed.

The prototype was placed in orbit around Memory Alpha with the intent that, should it be necessary, Starfleet could build its own juggernauts in the event of a new major war. All files related to the ship were heavily classified and even its Romulan origin was disguised, with official records claiming it to be Federation in origin. The module has a scenario where an Orion vessel manages to penetrate the tractor beam holding the ship in orbit, and the players have to recapture it before the Orions can arm the juggernaut and begin selling copies on the black market (failing that, they have to destroy the now fully dangerous prototype).

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