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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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^Prime Trek isn't Berman Trek. It includes it.
It is mainly Berman produced Trek.

Are you saying most of the remaining "true" 450 fans across the world who want the "prime" universe back want to see 1960's paper mache boulders and cat suits? No, they want to see unrealistic characters like Odo, Tom Paris, Kira, Janeway and Dukat on the Enterprise NCC-1701-N and featuring Klingon Emperor Worf because that's the style of Trek that got them into it.
WTF? Of the characters you listed, there is exactly one of them I like: Tom Paris. The others are either boring as hell or annoying as hell, or both.

I got into Star Trek in 1975, more than a decade before anyone had even the slimmest blip of a notion that there might be another live-action ST series on TV some day. So don't come with that "all Prime Universe fans want is Berman-era stuff." Some do. But definitely not all.

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One of the things I accept in NuTrek is I believe Kirk is into "classical" music like the Beastie Boys. I'll take that as cannon.
Yeah, that was a nice touch. The idea that everybody in the future only watches Shakespeare and listens to Bach is silly and vaguely elitist. Glad to know that the future has not evolved beyond rock-and-roll!
Back in the days of Shakespeare and Bach, those were the equivalent of the hot new TV show and the hot new musicians. And the last time I went to see a Shakespeare play or to listen to a symphony, there was a good cross-section of people in the audience - teenagers to elderly, and relatively few snootily-dressed "elites" were to be seen.

I put in a lot of years studying spinet organ - practicals and theory - and I had to learn a lot of Bach. Given all the many hours of my life I spent cramming Bach, Mozart, Brahms, and other composers' works into my memory, I like it when a Star Trek character shares my taste in music and plays.
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