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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If I missed it in this thread, had there been any discussion of what of the Phase II test footage is included in this set? I read that it was in the "Making It So" segment. Anyone remember how much they showed?

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Several years back I tried to find a way to get all those old transcripts from GEN and FC off the 3.5" floppies, but since it was done in a weird file format (I used one of those electronic typewriter thingies rather than a computer almost up till the end of the century), I couldn't salvage anything. I have maybe a thousand cut words from the GEN article on hard copy, but nothing relevant to this issue, unfortunately.
What format or which word processor type? There are services which will recover that data.

Also, re the 6-footer, I was surprised to learn that ILM had built in a nacelle cap flashing effect, since you never really see it on the show.
I've got no idea, maybe it was a Smith-Corona processor? I supposed I should research this, I know I kept a couple of the disks the last time I moved, so they should be here someplace.

Where did you hear about the nacelle flash thing, on the disks? Is it like the TOS effect or more like the FC one?
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