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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Just for fun...

Who wants to play "Let's Cast the Presidents?"

Here are some of the Federation Presidents who've been prominently depicted in the novels, and some of them have my picks. Some of them have been covered before in this thread, but why not gather them together?

Thomas Vanderbilt - Aaron Eckhart
Haroun al-Rashid - ?
Kenneth Wescott - Bruce Greenwood, doing his JFK act from Thirteen Days
Chab jav Lorg - Dan Starkey
Thelianaresth "Thelian" th'Vorothishria - Michael Douglas
Min Zife - John Nichols
Ra'ch B'ullhy - Ellen Degeneres
Nanietta Bacco - Jessica Walters
Ishan Anjar - Bruce Dern
Kellessar zh'Tarash - I'm thinking either Portia de Rossi or Jane Lynch?
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