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Re: Actors' personalities vs. their character's personalities

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Dwight Schultz. Everything he does, every character he plays I really like--even Oppenheimer. But I don't think if I met him in person we could ever have a real discussion because some of the things that come out of his mouth & some of the views he holds make me want to sackboot him repeatedly. It's one of those times that it's really important to distinguish between person & roles.

As far as Patrick Stewart goes...many years ago, I was with a friend at a restaurant in NYC & we happened to see him eating alone. After we finished our dinner, we went over & introduced ourselves & told him how much we admired his work. I told him that as much as I enjoyed him as Picard, my favorite role of his was as Lucius Aelius Sejanus in "I, Claudius" (I LOVE "I, Claudius", I do..). He got this great big grin on his face & when I added that I was so sad that he didn't do any scenes with Brian Blessed, who played Augustus (& who I friggin' LOVE; that man is hiigh-LARious), he started telling us tales about his early days & working with Brian & others from that cast. We ended up sitting down & listening to him regale us with tales from the Claudius set fro like 35 minutes. It was fantastic.
Running into Patrick Stewart eating alone at a restaurant will now be one of my goals in life. I'll make it so.
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