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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

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So today I saw THIS MAN

I haven't seen him at a con since 2000.

HOWEVER... I get to see Beltrand AND Mulgrew this summer in Boston!

(She better not cancel this time, since OitNB photography wrapped last week and no other excuse is acceptable! )

Oh, Terry Farrell, Tim Russ, Avery Brooks and Scott Bakula (I loved him in QL) are also slated to attend. I was fortunate enough to see Farrell & Russ in 2000 too, but it will be the first time I get to see Beltrand, Brooks & Bakula in person.

Can't wait!
I'll see Kate for this first time at a convention in my state (NJ) around mid-April. I hope she doesn't cancel too! I don't know if Beltran will be there yet.
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