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Re: Bill Nye to debate Creationist tonight at 7 - 2.4 on CNN

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
This is an awful idea. Putting a Creationist on the same stage as a legitimate scientist only makes Creationism look more credible. It gives the impression there's a "debate" with "two sides" who have valid points, when in reality it's facts against bullshit.

Creationists should be shunned, ridiculed, and shamed into silence, not engaged in debate.
I don't know Robert Maxwell, while I generally agere with you when you start getting into, "intelligent design," and you throw in people's faith into the mix it becomes less black and white.

As an ex-Catholic myself, I was taught as child that God was the proverbial, "watchmaker," started the big bang and stood back and watched "his," plan unfold. So if we're talking about that type of, "creationism," it becomes IMO less of a debate over science v. religion and biblical pseudo science rather than science v. faith.

However, if we're talking about debating if Adam and Eve literally existed - than I agree 100% with you.

That said, this debate is occuring at the Creationism museum, so I'm guessing it's the latter not the former. I'm going to tune in and see how it unfolds for a few minutes tonight.
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