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Re: Favorite Incarnation Of The Doctor

Ar-Pharazon wrote: View Post
^ McGann isn't your #1?????

Change your AV NOW!!
He would be if he was is more episodes, but even McGann can't come out number 1 with only a (great) 60 minute movie and (great) 7 minute minisode. Plus I grew up with Tennant so there's personal reasons there. Maybe if they make a great McGann prequel series or something one day then he'll replace Tennant in my top spot.

Sindatur wrote: View Post
<GASP>, I love The Aztecs, it's amongst my favorite Hartnells, and certainly my favorite of the Historicals (Though, I recently finally watched Marco Polo Recon, and enjoyed it and I think, I would likely love that Serial if it is ever recovered)
I found it unbearable. If you like Shakespearian plays then you were born to love this, but I loathe them so I obviously wouldn't be very keen on this. The acting was mediocre, that douche with that eye make-up was annoying and the whole story was boring. It's the only full historical I've seen apart from Black Orchid and I wasn't so keen on that. I don't mind serials set in the past but I like a certain sci-fi element to them that's more than just the doctor and his TARDIS.
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