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That he did not bother to try tells me that he, Rick Berman, was NOT doing his job, which was to grow his audience numbers as best he can by rethinking what does or does not work, as evidenced with latter-day Voyager and Enterprise's constant ratings plummet.

But again, sorry for my harsh words about TNG...I did like many aspects of it, but disliked quite a bit as well...
Dude, what are you going on about? The man ran and kept Trek on TV for nearly 15 years after Roddenberry died. And while its true, that's not a blanket excuse for the dip in quality in the later years, it's still also one hell of an achievement in Hollywood.

More importantly, it's clear to anyone who reads the letter Maurice was kind enough to share with us here that Stillwell was responding to a professional query. Bringing in the Gorn or Andorians while TNG was still in its early years would be gimmicky. That's not a pejorative, it's just a fact.

Most importantly, you're ignoring the basic fact that for much of his time with the shows, Berman was the showrunner. On those latter three series expecially, he was the top banana and he was making the shows he wanted to make.

You can argue the merit of that all you want but it's not a fault solely to lay at Berman's feet - that's the function of every showrunner on every TV show on the air.

I have my own issues with Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise, but on the whole I enjoyed each of them. I watched them and enjoyed them for what they were, not what I expected them to be.
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