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Re: I hate her so much I skip pages with her on it.

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I hadn't even heard of it before looking up Chen's appearances. I haven't read many books from this ongoing trek novel continuity that are pre-Destiny (and I only read the first destiny book). Its not usually a big deal that I didn't read a lot of the early parts of the ongoing novel continuity, although I still have no idea what books had the big borg invasion in them that the current books can't stop talking about. When it comes to the early books, if the one you mentioned focuses on Chen (or any other enterprise crew member not seen on TV or movies) I'd avoid it if I saw it.
Which is a shame, because it is an amazing book.
I'm sure for what it is, its fine. Its just not a ST book I'd read. While I enjoy a lot of book created characters, Chen is not a compelling character to me. Like I said, while I'm fairly neutral to her, she has all the characteristics of being someone I could find super annoying in large doses. She just seems goofy for the sake of being a goofy, weird starfleet officer. There just doesn't seem to be much of a point to Chen being goofy. She'd probably be more interesting if she wasn't a generic "offbeat" starfleet officer. The few other Enterprise book created officers were usually just boring/pointless (like Choudhurry, did Worf really need more tragedy for his character?). I think the only one I outright liked was the bit I read with Vale, and she just ended up going to Titan. The less said about those books, the better

Anyway, everyone enjoys different things, and I don't hate Chen. She's just not a very good character, but she's not bad enough (at least in what I've read) to elicit any response other then "meh".
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