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Re: How do you escape an alternate timeline?

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
DS9 had little gizmos that allowed transporters to beam between alternate universes. Perhaps he could build one and beam home.
But isn't that just for the mirror universe? Which is more of an alternate universe rather than alternate timeline.

What's he got to go back to in the prime future? No Romulus, no reunification, no nothing.
He's got his home planet. Nobody annoying him with phone calls asking him how he dealt with such a such a problem when he was younger.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Spock separately move backward through the prime time line (not as far back as Nero), but instead of emerging in the prime time line as Nero did, somehow he emerge in the alternate time line Nero created.

If Spock can figure out how in the hell he emerged in the alternate, he can use that knowledge to travel from the alternate into the prime.

I thought the reason he arrived after Nero was because Nero entered the Black hole first and each were deposited at different places in the timeline.
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