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Re: Art that doesn't need its own thread

For reasons I don't know, I popped in Into Darkness over the weekend; I ended up skipping through most of it, as I expected I would, but it did inspire me to try out the one thing I like about the JJPrise bridge: that big, honking window/viewscreen.

I've always thought that, had he the budget, Roddenberry might've had this, esp. since the bridge sat exposed as it was, for no other apparent reason. So I took my existing TOS bridge set and started playing around with the forward section, making as large a curved window as I could in the available space, and trying to use familiar TOS cues so it didn't appear to be just jammed in there - specifically, I was thinking of the large screen we saw in the conference room.

Once I had it, I realized that with the window there, it was clear that the outer hull was not large enough to keep the forward exit door, so I replaced it with an alcove that has an escape hatch in the floor, leading to the deck below. I also thought that, even though the window does double duty as a HUD/viewscreen, there was still a lot of wasted space in the captain's view, so I added a couple of the standard bridge displays to the space above the window.

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