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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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yeah, kinda. The 'magic/caster' class with debuffs and whatnot. Honestly, not sure I'd bother. STO has completely ignored them as a class, and none of the team stuff really rewards or has any place for the SCI abilities. Really, you either need to go heavy on DPS and TAC, or go ENG for the tank/healing powers. SCI is that middle ground that's not really good at either, and the thing it does bring isn't super helpful IMO...
We'll see what happens with SCI when they bring in the kit revamp in Season 9, and the second skill revamp later on in the year that Geko mentioned on Priority One podcast.
Unfortunately I don't think changes to player skill will have major impact on bridge officer abilities. At best we are talking about sci abilities dishing out 100-200 more damage or draining 2-3 more subsystem power.

As for the kit revamp, I heard the focus is on improving kits that are equipped by very few players, such as the few engineer kits that comes with combat supply. So far I have not heard about any plans to change science kits. Anyway, ground science abilities are already pretty good. Its the space abilities that need improving.
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