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I'm still bummed out that Earth, and therefore the human race gets to keep the Citadel to themselves. I'm going to miss the notion that for the first time in a long time the Earth didn't have much of a role in an action science fiction series as it was in in the first two games. But thanks the writers insistence that Shepard cares only about saving the Earth and the endings leaving the Citadel in Earth orbit (complete with the transport beam still in London) it's now the most important planet in the whole galaxy. How original.
That's one of my few issues with Mass Effect 2. The Reapers basing their next evolutionary step on humanity? Ugh.

The original Mass Effect did such a great job of conveying the wonder and awe of a mature, diverse galactic civilization in which humankind still had to find its place.

So refreshingly different from, say, the human-centric UFP in Star Trek despite the similarities in other areas of the fiction.
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