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Re: Special projects

USS Triumphant wrote: View Post
The Memory outposts - Memory Alpha, Memory Delta, Memory Gamma, etc.
How is that a special project? That's simply an archiving. I wouldn't consider the Library at Alexandria a technological marvel. (The Pyramids, maybe...but the methodologies used, more...)

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
I know you mentioned the Department of Temporal Investigations, but specifically their "Timeship One" from the recent-ish DTI origins novel DTI: Forgotten History (which ties into every TOS and TAS time travel adventure)
Ugh, neat little tie-ins....well, even still, that would specifically fall under the DTI umbrella, wouldn't it?

I'm looking more for all those odd, wacky techs & concepts that Starfleet might've dicked about with in the that 20-year timeframe. I know the older novels are jam-packed with them, FASA had a couple things, & maybe some TOS items I'm just forgetting about. Things that they'd try & develop better or adapt for that better edge against the bumpy-headed nasties.

To put it simply (in deference to you, Kent), anything that might interest Starfleet's IPX division.
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