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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Adelphi, the Federation starship involved in the disastrous Ghorusda disaster sometime prior to 2366.
B is for Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome.
C is for Cryonics, a kind of fad in the late twentieth century.
D is for Darnay's Disease.
E is for Enterprise. USS Enterprise, CVN-80. Ford Class nuclear next-generation carrier. In pre-production now. Her ship's log is empty. Awaiting greatness.
F is for the Farragut, a Nebula-class starship that was one of three vessels ferrying rescued Enterprise-D survivors from the surface of planet Veridian III.
G is for Glommer. Tribble predator.
H is for Hydrogen inside the stars studied by Federation starships.
I is for Interphasic Organisms.
J is for Jaris, governing Prefect of Argelius II in 2267.
K is for Khitomer Accords.
L is for Lieutenant. The apparent rank of 90% of Star Fleet.
M is for 'MALTZ! JOL YICHU!'
N is for the Norpin V Colony.
O is for Omicron Ceti III.
P is for Perrin, the second human wife of Ambassador Sarek in the Prime timeline and his spouse at the time of his death in 2368.
Q is for Quantum torpedoes. Fire!
R is for the Reliant's shields. They're dropping. Raise them!
S is for Spock's bathrobe.
T is for the Talos Star Group.
U is for Ugly Bags of Mostly Water.
V is for Vina, who spent 18 years as the sole survivor of an Earth vessel crash on Talos IV before more humans arrived.
W is for Will Riker's beard.
X is for X, Charlie X. All that eye-rolling has got to hurt.[/QUOTE]
Y is for Yridian trading vessels.
Human instinct is pretty strong. You can't expect us to change overnight.

- Jonathan Archer, 2151
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