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Re: I hate her so much I skip pages with her on it.

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I think it was a mistake to tone Chen down, She's the only new character with a distinct personality on the E-E.
Well, it was always my intent that she would be "toned down" somewhat from where she started -- that she'd begin as an unruly and unfocused junior officer who hadn't yet learned the discipline to develop her full potential, and that Captain Picard's mentoring would teach her that discipline and put her on the right path. Although she'd still retain her spontaneity and wit and lighten him up a little in return.
This. It's just like what Janeway did with Paris and B'elanna and what Picard himself did with Ro Laren. I loved in the Cold Fusion trilogy where she was left in command of the ship and was able to stop a shooting war with Gorn. Sure, Geordi could have been the one to be in the scene on the bridge, but having Chen there made it more fun.
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