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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I just watched The Brain of Morbius. It was pretty good, and it was interesting to see the Sisterhood of Karn, which I first saw in the Night of the Doctor minisode. The Morbius body was goofy, but it didn't ruin the episode. I knew about the faces in the screen thing before hand, and whatever the intention of the people making the episode at the time, it makes more sense to me for those faces to be Morbius's older forms. Overall, I liked this serial. Next is The Seeds of Doom.
Seeds of Doom was my first Serial, where I paid active attention. Prior to that, I made fun of brother for watching it, and I only watched it out of the corner of my eye, no more than 15% of the time the episodes were on a TV I was near. With Seeds of Doom, I had finally elected to give it a real daily commitment chance as each episode aired. It was often pretty campy, but, I enjoyed and accepted each Serial after more and more.

Seeds of Doom, is a great Serial (Once you accept the premise) because it has alot of stuff happening, and the plot advances to different places over the 6 episodes, it doesn't just run up and down corridors and escape and be captured every episode, the plot and location changes and advances throughout
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