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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Manning is:

- 2nd in career passing yards
- 1st in career playoff passing yards
- 2nd in career touchdowns
- 4th in career playoff touchdowns
- 2nd in career passer rating
- 2nd in career sack percentage

And that's all-time, not just active quarterbacks. On what planet is that "very good, just not special?"
Apparently the difference between "very good" and "special" is the ability to single-handedly win games in spite of what the rest of the team might be doing.
See that's the thing. "Single-handedly" always has to apply to the teams he has gotten to the plays and the Superbowls.

Look at pretty boy Brady. Alway a good defense and always a great O line. (when he won the superbowls).

Read that article posted previously in this thread.
I know- I was the one who posted the article and that was my point.
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