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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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I mean either he is the "super" quarterback that many were saying he was (after his great regular season) and choked in the SB, or he is simply another very good quarterback who when properly defensed, coughs up the ball and can be rendered ineffective like many others before him. Two picks and lost a fumble don't lie.
One pick on a tipped pass.

The other pick on a hit as he threw.

The fumble on another hit as he thew (you can even see his arm moving forward without the ball).

Problem wasn't Manning, it was the offensive line. Unless you think the safety to start the game was his fault, too; if you do, then we're not even having a conversation.
I think you make my point which is, Peyton is simply not a quarterback who can be in the same conversation with the Montanas, Staubachs, Bradshaws, Farves, Manning's, Bradys, players who were able to make something out of nothing in their team's biggest game. Peyton is a very good quarterback, but needs much more help than those other guys. For Peyton, things have to be near perfect in order for him to perform at his best.

When his team needed him to live up to the hype surrounding him this season, he was not up to the task. No, the rest of the team didn't play well, but Peyton might have made his team more competitive, but instead he showed himself to be anything but that guy. Very good quarterback, just not special.
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Well, now I just have to.

But even if no one else plays the sport, why not refer to your champion as "world" champion? Its not like there is any possibility that a better football team is lurking out there somewhere.
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