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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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...they want to see unrealistic characters like Odo, Tom Paris, Kira, Janeway and Dukat on the Enterprise NCC-1701-N and featuring Klingon Emperor Worf...
I've heard a lot of arguments against TNG-era Trek, but this one takes the cake. Kira and Odo are unrealistic characters...and the implication here is the JJ era characters are more realistic by comparison. Incredible.
I don't think he was saying the characters are unrealistic, just that the desire to see them again is. he should've said "they unrealistically want to see..."

of course, I could be misreading it.
No, I think dub is reading it right and is correct that it's hilariously absurd. (That whole post is like an exercise in NuTrek Nuttery Bingo, TBH.)
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