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''the producers often hesitate to employ what they refer to as ''gimmicks'' from the original series''...

Perhaps they should have decided to use the gimmick that might have made Riker, Troi, Crusher, LaForge, Wesley actually compelling as characters, hmmm?
I found them perfectly compelling, nor am I alone. Mileage, clearly, varies. Do we really need yet another TNG vs TOS, 'my show is better than yours' debate? Or maybe we can just agree that people have widely varying tastes and leave it at that.

Bixby: I found all the characters on TNG quite compelling, thankyouverymuch. To each his own.

The other thing to consider is that Roddenberry had basically laid down a veto on bringing back aliens from TOS. He was against Worf's existence, for crying out loud. That we got Vulcans, Klingons, and Romulans isn't altogether surprising but let's remember the context of that first year on the show when leveling our criticisms, shall we?
I am aware of this rule. I'm also aware that Roddenberry and others came up with this when TNG was supposed to be more like its season one, stand-alone episodes and, like the original Star Trek, always stay out in deep space and likely never focus on Earth nor showcase Starfleet physically. But with television series being affected by the Hill Street Blues effect (continued storylines, overall arch, some soap elements, etc.) this was all changed...except some of those in charge, namely Rick Berman (the ''producer'' mentioned in Maurice's letter), never adapted that edict to the sweeping changes made in late 80s television and their own series.

I admit my arrogance re: TNG characters, sorry if it rankles many of you, though I do have great affection for the first 6 seasons of DS9.

But I got plenty annoyed with the mention in Maurice's letter about Rick Berman's dislike for TOS ''gimmicks'' (what the hell is that?)...A good story is a good story is a good story...If a stellar writer like Alan Moore (yes, the British comics writer) can craft amazingly textured, mature and thought-provoquing stories out of what many might perceive as childish concepts in american/british comic books, then why can't his writers do the same for Andorians and Gorns?...

That he did not bother to try tells me that he, Rick Berman, was NOT doing his job, which was to grow his audience numbers as best he can by rethinking what does or does not work, as evidenced with latter-day Voyager and Enterprise's constant ratings plummet.

But again, sorry for my harsh words about TNG...I did like many aspects of it, but disliked quite a bit as well...
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