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Re: Favorite Incarnation Of The Doctor

Tennant of course!

Yeah, I think it would be interesting if we could vote for three in future. I'll try and do that after an episode or two of Capaldi's run. Just for the hell of it, here's a list again!

1) David Tennant (10th)
2) Paul McGann (8th)
3) Christopher Eccleston (9th)
4) Colin Baker (6th)
5) John Hurt (war)
6) Peter Davison (5th)
7) Patrick Troughton (2nd)
8) Jon Pertwee (3rd)
9) Sylvester McCoy (7th)
10) Tom Baker (4th)
11) Matt Smith (11th)
12) William Hartnel (1st)

Man this list has changed over the years. For a start since DOTD, John Hurt has become a new fave, and I've gotten into Davison a lot lately, plus Androzani won me over. Tom Baker has gone quite down on my list as I've realised there's only a tiny handful of his stuff I like. I'm not really a fan of his 70s stuff and the E space trilogy in the 80s was crap, so that's about five serials remaining. I'm still yet to see Deadly Assassin which I got for Xmas, so that may sway my decision. For reasons I have explained, I don't like Smith much mainly because of Moffat but I also find him a bit annoying at times. Hartnel is at the bottom, but that's mainly because he's never been in something I've fallen in love with apart from the last episode of Celestial Toymaker (why oh why did that have to be lost and yet we've got that awful Aztecs in full. Quite easily the worst serial of the classic series, it's like a godamn Shakespearian play.)
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