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Re: TNG Caption This! 345: Character Studies

Picard: What do you think, Will? Captain's prerogative?
Riker: Your call, sir. But I don't think the crew finds granny boots as hot as you or I do; even less so on a male officer.
Picard: But I could pull them off?
Riker: Oh, yes sir.

Remmick: What is our precise speed, Mister Data?
Data: We are traveling at warp factor 9.342699735294875, sir.
Remmick: And what is that in light speed units?
Data: Multiplied by light speed's 299,792,458 m/s, we get 2,800,870,918 meters per second, sir.
Remmick: I see.
Data: Now hold your calculator upside down, sir.
Remmick: Huh. "Big Ol Boobs." You are good.
Data: It's what I do, sir.

Picard: So why don't we just replace the Heisenberg compensators?
Geordi: Sure, you can get the transporters for a song but the Heisenberg compensators are like a hundred bars of gold pressed latinum each.
Riker: That's how they get you, sir.

Worf: Sir, when I asked you do be my cha'DIch, what did you think I was asking you to be?
Picard: I don't know, some kind of parsnip or turnip?
Worf: No.
Picard: Well an edible tuber, then?
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