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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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It was great to see Percy back on the field after he'd been off. All our boys were healthy and able to play again. And our other QB got his chance to play at the end. As for the MAP choice, I understand why they chose Malcolm. He had an intestinal disease that dogged him from childhood. It almost ended his chances in the NFL and yet he was the one who in two games caught some pretty big interceptions.
This game and the hype led to a defense selection for MVP, but I personally think it should have been Percy.

I got to see him play high-school football and my son played against him so I've seen that speed up close.

During the game my son pointed to his wrist.... he said "that's the part of me that touched him" (trying to make a tackle on special teams)... and laughed.

You just can't appreciate that speed until you are at ground level and see it up close.


The Seahawks called a Jet-Sweep, a play that my grandmother could see coming and they still couldn't catch him.
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