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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

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Actually when you see close up stills of the TOS bridge there are quite a few labels there.
Are we looking at the same bridge? I've poured thru stills and have only counted about 10 buttons with labels on them (rectangular buttons, white backlit with black text-- those came from actual aircraft). And a few other labeled controls. What doesn't wash with me are the semi-circle arrays of colored resin lights/buttons with absolutely no labels. I'm a Trek tech novice, so I could be completely wrong, but so far I'm seeing a lot of randomly, mostly unlabeled blinking things.

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In contrast the JJprise bridge is terribly overlit and the generally monotonous colour scheme doesn't make for an appealing environment in which to work. Part of what I find objectionable in the design ethic of the JJprise is its sense of arbitrariness.
No argument there.

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In TMP they took the original concepts and extropolated to flesh them out in greater and updated detail for the big screen. You can immediately grasp the sense of evolutionary progression. Also the TMP refit design maintains the overall visual balance the TOS design had.
I never cared for the bridges of TMP - TFF. My favorite is TOS, despite the absurdity (in hindsight) of the controls themselves. And of course I dig them now in a very retro-nostalgic way; Raygun design holds up wonderfully wherever it's implemented. The absurdity of the controls is acceptable to me in TOS. TMP and subsequent movies takes that absurdity and puts it on steroids. Loose arrays of multicolored resin lights gave way to dense blocks of uni-colored Lite Brites. Zero practicality.
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