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Special projects

O HAI. So, working on huge history of Starfleet like none other done before. Currently sussing out the 2240s to 2260s but thinking in advance about/doing pre-planning for the next segment. That being said, I've been wondering about what I call Starfleet's "special projects". I know the canonical ones & some fandom ones from older novels & FASA, but I know there's more out there & am looking for suggestions.

What do I mean by special projects? well, consider these:
  • Transwarp Drive Project
  • Genesis
  • Hamalki drive (from the TOS novel “The Wounded Sky”)
  • Omega & the Lantaru Sector Research Station
  • Interdimensional beaming (Elway Theorem, etc.)
  • Intergalactic manned ships (so-called “Galaxy Ships”, from Vonda MacIntyre)
  • Establishment of Department of Temporal Investigations & Temporal Prime Directive
Obviously, some of those are from the older novels, many of which I've read, but not all of them, & I've read very, very few of the newer ones because...meh. But I'm looking for things in that vein; specifically, I'm looking for things between 2265 & 2285. Descriptions/links help.
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