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Re: Starbase Studios. A TOS fan film studio for everyone.

Just a random thought: if I were managing the facility I would have a walk-through with the production team and look for prior damage or issues and note them on a sheet, the way, say, U-Haul does when you rent a truck. Then have another walk-through after shooting. What I would do if I were a producer using the sets is have a deposit set aside in a separate account that would be expressly for paying for any particular damage done during shooting. (My number is a $1,000) I might not even tell the studio that, but I would expect that there would be some issues that come up just from normal use as Patty noted. If there is any money left over, I'm sure the studio operators would enjoy a pizza party or a couple of cases of Romulan Ale afterwards. As I said, just random thoughts.
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