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Re: TNG Caption This! 345: Character Studies

Picard: Why did I pick you two to serve next to me knowing you two know each other? Riker likes to second guess his captain. Having an ex-girlfriend reading his mind nearby should inhibit his want-to-be captain antics.

Picard (off screen): I have a Klingon on tactical, an empathic Betezoid as a counselor, a black person flying the ship and an android for operations. Assigning possitions based on stereotypes is fun.

Picard: Are you telling me it malfunctioned due to fecal matter being inside it's workings?
Riker: O'Brien did say he was leaving us a parting gift.

Picard: What am I going to do with you Worf? You can't fly the ship and you suck at operations too.
Worf: I'm a Klingon, I should be on tactical.
Picard: Over the militant Tasha? Sure, if she dies on a mission it's all yours, like that'll happen.
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