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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

Couple thoughts on the game...

I picked he Broncos. What I thought would happen is Denver would attack the defense instead of running stupid crossing routes etc.

Once the Seattle defense was able to pin their ears back, it was over.

I thought Seattle out coached Denver.

Why does Denver even bring the ball out on the first kick-off?

Peyton had his share of goofs, but his receivers didn't help much either. How many times did they catch a ball and go sideways instead of up the field? It was hard to watch.

You can't play this game scared... Denver receivers looked scared.

I think I might have given the MVP trophy to Harvin. Denver had no answer for him and he set the tone for the offense.

You gotta tip your hat to Seattle. They came out and played their game.

I can't blame Denver's defense. They stalled Seattle's first 2 drives and held them to to field goals after the offense gave Seattle great field position.

So impressed with Wilson. What a great kid.

We've been spoiled I guess.... most of the last 10 or so Super Bowls have been great games. We hadn't seen a blow-out in years.

Congrats Seattle, well deserved and EARNED on the field.
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