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Re: 24 returns as limited series

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It's hard to tell, but 24 has actually advanced so far ahead into the future that Jack is fighting Khan after he blew up Section 31... err, I mean CTU: London to stop Admiral Marcus... err, I mean Christopher Henderson's future clone. In that span of time, there have been 348 new Presidents of the US. That's the reason they're wearing black leather... because THE FUTURE.
I know they say 24 took place in a "perpetual now" but that's just ridiculous because either the previous season(s) didn't happen (which obviously they did since their events took place and had impacts on future seasons) or the previous seasons got pushed further and further into the past. Which makes a lot of what happens in the earlier seasons harder to grasp and even possible between technology and social politics.

I forget right now what year it "was" when 24 ended it's run but I think it was in 2015 or 2017, a few years ahead of the actual year at the time. So depending on how much time has passed between the series and this the gap may not be very big.
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