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Re: TOS Caption Contest #281: Who Captions for Adonais?

TFTW, LeadHead!

Kirk: Wait a minute... I think I used to watch this show on CBC as a kid! Wasn't there also a rooster in a bag?

McCoy: This is the fourth time Scotty's died this year! Once more and he gets a free six-inch sub!

Spock: You had the Broncos by 14 points. You owe 2000 credits. Don't make me get all "Vulcan death grip" on your ass.
Kyle: Arg! Why am I betting on 250-year old sporting events without checking the results first?!

Apollo: Time's almost up, gentlemen!
Kirk: OK, OK! (Whispering) There's only one survey answer left! If we answer correctly, we steal the points, otherwise the Klingon team wins!

Spock: How are the repairs going, Lieutenant?
Uhura: They'd be going a lot better if I actually had some damn resistors and capacitors, instead of an empty circuit board!
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