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Re: The Next Generation on DVD

LitmusDragon said:
Tomalak said:
If CBS is serious about "future-proofing" Trek, they will surely get around to doing TNG. The possibilities for an alternative high definition version, possibly allowing for 16:9 presentation with the extra material in the film stock, are quite exciting.
Ditto that. Finally got an HDTV recently and all of my 4:3 DVD stuff looks terrible on it. This is mainly because my upscaling DVD player can only do 4:3 upscaling in "stretch" mode, but I digress.
Yeah, same goes for my dad's Xbox 360. When I played my season 4 and 5 DVD's in it (couldn't find the regular DVD remote and my DVD player's broken so I had to use the 360) it was all stretched.
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