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Re: Is Avery Brooks a good actor?

I always like how (for want of a better word) 'raw' Avery's performance felt to me. I always liked the way Sisko felt like a man whose issues were always there, somewhere under the surface, and he was always masking them with a joie de vivre. I believe in this man, a single father still never quite dealing with the trauma of losing Jennifer the way that he did. He could accept that Picard had no personal part in that, but the situation still played tragically on his mind. I liked that it was a wound that never quite healed as time went on, either. He felt to me sometimes like the most 'real' of all the Star Trek captains. Relatable. We were not simply seeing an efficient officer of duty, as we did with many of the other captains. In Bejamin Sisko we were seeing the man beneath the uniform. Something of a tortured soul, looking for a purpose.
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