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Favorite Incarnation Of The Doctor

Let me explain the line up. Peter Capaldi did not make the list because we have not had a full episode of him as the doctor.
The one heart, no regeneration, David Tennant duplicate, meta-doctor did not make the list. I'm probably a minority of 1 or maybe part of a minority of less than 1% of Doctor Who fans that count him as an incarnation of the Doctor. I count him an incarnation because he was created from the leftover regeneration energy David Tennant's Doctor didn't use.
John Hurt did make the list. Day Of The Doctor pretty much confirmed he is an incarnation of the Doctor. If I've got his place in the line up right, he's the one that regenerates into Christopher Eccleston.
Okay Doctor Who fans, it's time to cast your vote.
Doctor Who Episode "In The Forest Of The Night".

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