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Searching for writers to collaborate on a couple of Enterprise ideas

Hello all,

I am Ghost, almost a lifetime (or so it seems) and two previous moderators ago I was quite active on this forum and in particular the fan fiction forum where I posted some of my own stories and collaborated with other people on some joined projects until circumstances interfered.

Later on my Trek interests somewhat diminished and I did not feel like writing anymore or going back to the forum.

A while ago (after watching some Enterprise season 4 episodes) I felt like writing stories again, in particular some ideas for a fictional season 5.
While working alone on ideas on and off has its perks I do sort of miss being able to talk with fellow ST fans if my ideas are good or not, if there need to be changes, and how to resolve a story element when I am stuck on it.

I would like to ask if there are writers here who would be interested in collaborating with me on a couple of ideas I have, providing feedback, and discussing story related subjects.

People who are interested can PM me on my account.
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