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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I watched The Android Invasion, which was ok but not very memorable. I then watched The Five Doctors, which I enjoyed. I wish that Tom Baker had actually appeared, but besides that it was a good story. It was also my first time watching something with the 5th Doctor (besides his web episode with Tennant) and the first time I've seen the Classic Who version of The Master. The 5th Doctor seemed cool, and I liked this version of the master better than the modern version (who isn't bad, but was a bit too goofy) and he was also about 1000x better than the movie version.
The only good actors to ever play the Master were Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley. Both so charming, so suave... so delightfully evil.
Ainley's Master should've been replaced after Peter Davison left IMO, his last three appearances weren't as good as his appearances against Davison.
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